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Dobermanns have been a part of our family for over 50 years. Our dobermanns come from the top titled and health tested European show and working lines in the world Our dogs come from championship lines, meaning just about every dog in a 5 generation pedigree has titles..... their parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and great great grandparents, etc., are titled, ... not just 1 dog, 5 or 6 generations back in the pedigree . We do not sell to BYBs . We do not breed often or breed for our income . Unlesss otherwise specified, our puppies are placed with AKC limited registrations only.......   (At our discretion, limited registrations may be upgraded to full registrations, after FULL health testing and a working title is obtained ) . We only breed to improve the next generation . We do health testing throughout our dogs live's . Besides conformation shows, we work/train/title in dog sports such as PSA and Schutzhund, which includes, tracking, obedience, protection .   We give lifetime support for our pup

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